initiative 71

Initiative 71 gave Washington DC marijuana users the freedom to possses two ounces of marijuana and the freedom and right to grow 6 plants and flower 3 of them at a time.



initiative 71

Initiative 71 was a ballot iniative put together by Adam Eidinger and Nikolas SchillerĀ and the good people at DCMJ.





Events in Washington DC are listed as Iniative 71 compliant when they do not involve CASH in the transactions.

Washington DC has a large event culture. Most events can be found at the DC Weed Events website.

Many companies in DC give free marijuana with purchase of items like shirts and lighters. Grey area, yes.

Everyone wants to know where to get weed in DC .... so it only makes sense that so many new companies have been created to serve the market.

All kids of festivals too... National Cannabis Festival, Edibles Festival, MoreThanCanna, just to name a few!